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YUSUF AL-QARADAWI, THE ISLAMISTS’ WOLF AND JOKE يوسف القرضاوي, ذئب الإسلاميين ونكتتهم

February 18, 2011

Eqyptian Wolf (Canis lupus lupaster) الذئب المصري


Yosuf al-Qaradawi, the world leading figure of political Islam, and head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, has just delivered his khotba (address) in the Friday prayer at the Liberation Square (Midan al-Tahrir), in Cairo. Known to the Copts as the Islamist wolf, and to the world as an extreme Muslim preacher, he continued his deceptive talk, which is well known of all Islamists:

1. He warned his listeners against hijacking of the Egyptian Revolution by other political forces  – little does he know that those who sparked the Revolution on 25 January 2011 think that the Islamists, and at their forefront the Muslim Brotherhood, are the most dangerous force that is lurking always in the dark to hijack any Egyptian national achievement.

2. He wanted to appear as moderate, and so told us of the Copt who approached him earlier, informed him that he regularly followed his religious sermons, and told him that he was proud of him. Qaradawi then went on trying to impress on his listeners in the Midan – many of them Copts – that he believed in national unity between the Copts and Muslims. Ha! Humbug! A Copt being proud of him?! Him believing in national unity?! Truly, as the Egyptians say, “al ikhtashu mato (those who feel shame have died)”.

Wolves are easily seen as wolves, however they try to cover themselves with sheep’s clothes – this is particularly so with the Muslim Brotherhood. So, why do they think they can deceive us?

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