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March 2, 2011

David Graham is a British painter who was gradulated from the Royal College of Art in 1951. He has displayed his works in many galleries in several cities across the world. He has two paintings titled Coptic Priest.

David Graham, the British painter

Coptic Priest 1

Coptic Priest 2

ADDENDUM 15/3/2011:

On the 2nd March 2011, I wrote to Mr Graham the following:

Dear Mr Graham,

I am curious to know the background to your two paintings with the title: Coptic Priest.

I would like to write something about them in my new blog, On Coptic Nationalism.

I would be grateful if you could help me in writing an article about the two paintings by letting me know of the circumstances and reasons for you painting Coptic priests.

With kind regards.

Dioscorus Boles

He wrote back on 15th March 2011 the following, which add interesting historical and human dimention to his paintings:

Dear Dioscorus,

The answer is interesting.   I went to Jericho, in in the West Bank of the Palestinian territories, to paint some pictures.  I was rather nervous because of the situation! I  was walking along  with all my  paints,  easel,  etc ., when from  nowhere   came  the (Coptic) Priest  who  told  me  to  follow him. We went to a church with heavy locks, and opened it, and we went in. He  was isolated as the  surrounding  town  was  hostile  to  him, being  all Arab. He locked the gates behind us. I painted two pictures in the garden.  I don’t know how he lived.  I felt sorry for him. This was fifteen years ago.



P.S. one painting is sold.

Any one who would like to buy any of David Graham’s works of art, including the remaining Coptic Priest painting, please contact <>

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