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May 9, 2011

One of the Islamist thugs (Sheikh Abu Anas Ashraf ibn Yousef) who was caught on video on 7 May 2011, the day the Islamists attacked the churches in Imbaba, burned two, and killed several Copts. He appeared on video inciting hatred and violence against Copts. He himself was one of the ringleaders of that attack, which they announced was to “free Camilia”.

Watch him in the video spreading his poison:

WHAT IS THE CAMILIA CRISIS?  It is nothing short of Islamist thuggish behaviour – they are known for it; their ideology prepares them for it; and they are best suited for it. Camilia is a simple, private Coptic Christian who suddenly found herself in the public, and a rallying symbol for all bullying, intimidation and terrorism by the Islamists of Egypt. She had always been Christian; never converted to Islam; never reconverted to Christianity – that was clear, and evident; but how can you convince the thuggish Islamists. They created a lie; designed it; manufactured it – that Camilia converted to Islam from Christianity; that she was prevented from that; that she was detained by the Church; that the Copts were forcibly brainwashing her. So they call her, “Our sister”, and set themselves to “free her”. They pretend to defend Islam, the right to convert; nay, human rights and religious liberty in one go – the sons of vipers and wolves in sheep’s clothing! Since when have the Islamists known, respected or worked for these precepts? And when has political Islam supported religious freedom, or given people free choice to chose their religion without pressure? Don’t they follow the injunction of their sacred books, “Whoever changes his/her religion (Islam), kill him/her”?

It is all farcical; and the Islamists are known for the number of their criminal farces and pathological lies. Has it not been so serious, one would have laughed from the audacity.

No one should be under any illusion as to the objective behind the creation of such a lie. It was manufactured not just to intimidate Camilia, her family, her Church and her Coptic fellow-Christians in Egypt – it was meant in the last analysis to intimidate Egypt, and impose the Islamist, Wahabist ideology on its society and polity. As I have already said – the Camilia crisis is an exercise and training in bullying, intimidation and terrorising of all Egypt into submission. And only thus should it be understood by clever people world-wide.

And that must be resisted by all means by all!

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