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WHAT DO COPTIC NATIONALISTS THINK OF EGYPT’S MUSLIMS & WHAT DO THEY JUST WANT? ماذا يعتقد القوميون الأقباط بمسلمي مصر ، وماذا يريدون بالضبط؟

January 7, 2012

I WOULD LIKE to bring these two articles to the forefront again:

1. The M-Question: The Coptic Nationalists and the Muslims of Egypt:

2. The Coptic Nationalists’ Strategic Options:

I am bringing these to the forefront because there are still some people out there who think Coptic nationalism is a narrow-minded, religionist movement. They think we are driven by religion and we hate Islam; that we see our fight as a fight between Christianity and Islam. This is wrong. We are a group who recognise that Copts and Christian do not monopolise goodness and virtue; that there are good people in all religious groups as there are bad people; that God accepts all who are good from whatever religion they are born into. Our struggle is not religious – it is about human rights and freedoms. In this struggle we work with good people from all religious backgrounds; and we have many friends within the Muslim community of Egypt.

I also want to bring our strategic options to the attention of the readers again: we want to live with the Muslims of Egypt on equal footing in one democratic and secular Egypt. This is our FIRST option. If this is not permitted us, because the Muslim majority denies us our rights and restricts our freedoms, then we will seek secession. We have been very open and clear about this. We will do that only if we are denied our natural rights; so it depends on how the Muslim majority of Egypt treats us. This, I believe, is fair. The moderate Muslims I would imagine will understand: they will understand that if a nation is oppressed and denied equality within a one united country it is right that it changes its option and course of action and works for a separate state.

I hope this helps our brethren and sisters within the Muslims of Egypt to understand out position better.

Happy Coptic Christmas to all.


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