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March 28, 2013


 Figure 1: The Joyful Coptic Madonna and the Child by Andrzej Goszcz.

Andrzej Goszcz is a Polish artist from Crakow. He describes himself as a “freelance artist, photographer, digital fine art artist, dreamer and the dream maker, advocate beauty of life, empathy, love, culture and dialogue.”[1]

I was drawn to his painting, titled “The Joyful Coptic Madonna and the Child”, with the comments attached to it, “Hippie style. Be sure to wear flowers in your hair. God bless artists. Amen”! I have always been fascinated by the genre of artists and musicians who are in love with labelling their work as Coptic when their work does not bear any resemblance to what Coptic art or music is. Is it the mysticism in everything Coptic that some feel which makes them fall in love with the adjective? I really don’t know. But it is good to have artists and musicians using the label anyway. It helps to alert the world to the presence of the Copts and their culture.

Anyway, Coptic or not, these works have beauty of themselves, and do raise interesting questions.

P.S. For a definitely Coptic work, which we labelled “The Joyful Coptic Madonna and the Child” in a previous article – a wall painting from the Church of St. Antony in his Monastery in the eastern desert of Egypt, and which was executed in the 13th century – click here.



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