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April 9, 2013


  1. The above statement (dated 9 April 2013) has been made by the Coptic Nationalists and not by the Coptic Church or any other group within the Coptic community. It is a statement of change of heart and direction: for us, Egypt has ceased to be a nation; it is not even a divided nation – it is a myth of a nation. And this sad discovery has been forced on us by the Islamists and their frequent attacks on Copts and their fundamental freedoms and human rights. No one, no one, particularly the Islamists, can accuse us of being unpatriotic or of failing the Egyptian national project. Let them blame themselves for the death of the dream of an Egyptian nation and nation-state.
  2. From now on, we shall work for our nation while standing as always to assist in the struggle of Egypt’s oppressed women and liberal Muslims – our nationalism shall now be both cultural and political. But our work will be peaceful: we have no army, militia or weapons: our ordnances are our political agitation to describe to the world our plight and the careful articulation of the justice and necessity of a national homeland for the Copts since the Muslim Majority in Egypt has denied us security and freedom. And we shall appeal even to our opponents: if they want to necessarily apply Sharia to themselves then perhaps partition would assist them in doing so. But, in the spirit of Abraham Lincoln, “When the [Muslim] man governs himself, that is self-government; but when he governs himself and also governs another man, that is more than self-government – that is despotism.”
  3. This is not a racist, sexist, religionist, or chauvinistic movement. This is a movement for freedom and respect – it is not anti-Islam but anti-Political Islam; it is not anti-Arab but anti-oppression by Arabs. We identify with all peoples who suffered historical persecution and oppression on the same scale as ours. We are in it to build a better world – not a world based on hate or mindless violence but a world based on freedom and justice.
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  1. JKL permalink
    April 9, 2013 9:05 pm

    Dear Dioscorus
    As a Muslim Copt by birth, I share in your grief. I do not think your comments are racist because both Christian and Muslims of Egypt are the same race. Nor are your views chauvinist. It is the Muslim Brotherhood who are the chauvinist nihilists here and the unworthy descendants of the pharaohs, St Anthony and Saad Zaghlul.
    I believe Christian Copts are entitled to their own Egypt now that the Muslim Brotherhood have shown that they only care to rule over illiberal Muslims and veiled women.
    On behalf of homeless liberal Muslims I ask you to open a list for Coptian citizenship for liberal Muslims wishing to live in this New Egypt.

  2. Basil permalink
    April 9, 2013 9:32 pm

    I share in your grief, but what you are suggesting is impractical. The total of all Egyptians is 90 million (25 million are Christians) in an area of 995,450 square kilometres. Unless you are suggesting that Christian Egyptians live in the Western Sahara, no one will allow them to govern themselves.

  3. mindthehat permalink
    April 13, 2013 8:31 am

    The question that Egypt tried its best to avoid since 550bc is how to define Egypt. Every nation has something to unite it. Egypt never had such a thing and therefore it comprised a number of nations living, or tried to live, together. The recent events made it clear that these nations are better off living apart.

    Without having the dream of freedom, no independent nation could come into existence. Now, the Copts started to dream, the rest will follow.

    Keep up the good work Dioscorus, a number of Copts started to share the same dream.

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