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December 18, 2013

Coptic monkA Coptic monk from Wadi Natroun by Fr. John Watson[1]

In this category, Faces of the Copts (Coptic Faces) I will reproduce some of the most impressive and expressive Coptic faces. This is not meant to reveal only Coptic facial features but also their innate character – that’s their physiognomy.

The photos will simply be reproduced without comments. The reader will have to interpret the Copts’ physical appearance and their temperament and character from their outward appearance. Whenever possible, the photos will be credited to their photographers. The objective at the end is to create a physiognomy album of the Copts. It will include faces of Coptic men, women, religious and secular.

It is acknowledged, no nation can have one physiognomy, but its common ethnic pool accompanied by its dominant culture that works to shape its character will create a common physiognomy.

[1] From Journey Back to Eden, My Life and Times among the Desert Fathers by Mark Gruber, O.S.B. (New York, 2002).

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