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October 26, 2015

ON COPTIC NATIONALISM في القومية القبطية

In a previous article, I criticised the way the name of the Monastery of Saint Anthony at the Red Sea is displayed, in Arabic (in the largest fonts), and then English, and then Coptic; and I said:

There is no excuse whatsoever for monasteries in Egypt to promote Arabic at the expense of Coptic language even if it is the great monastery of Saint Anthony.

I argued that the name of the sacred monastery should be displayed first in Coptic, our national language, then in the dominant language in Egypt (Arabic), then the language known to most tourists (English).  But I noted that it was not only the Monastery of Saint Anthony that comes under this criticism, as it is a defect that affects most of our churches, monasteries, schools and social activity venues.

Today, with all due respect to our sacred monasteries, I pick on two more monasteries, this…

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