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January 29, 2016

Coptic girl in Red.PNG

Bernd Blacha is a German artist. He has brightly coloured paintings and many drawings, which can be accessed here. One of his interesting and beautiful watercolour paintings is his Coptic girl with dove and grapes (42x56cm), which is dated 8 March 2015, which I have pleasure of putting up for my readers to enjoy.

The artist does not give a background to his work or say where he got the idea from but it seems to me that he got it from the first-century painted limestone funerary stelai representing the Egyptian goddess Isis with a dove and a bunch of grapes, such as the one blow.

Coptic girl in red2

It represents a clever skill in joining the Copts to their Ancient Egyptian civilisation. I love it. The only question which I want to pose is to our Coptic artists: Why can’t they think of and execute something like this? I have repeatedly expressed the need to expand our interests and imagination, and choose Coptic subjects to produce works of art, and not restrict ourselves to Coptic iconography.



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