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September 3, 2016


On 2 September 2016, the official website of the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt published an article in Arabic, “What does the Law of Building Churches mean?” This is in response to the recently approved law on the building of churches in Egypt by the Egyptian Parliament on 30 August 2016. This law does not answer all the Coptic demands on the matter, and many found in it a restricting law rather than a liberating one. Nonetheless, the Salafist and Muslim Brotherhood objected to it. The Salfists, who take their orders from Saudi, we know; the Muslim Brotherhood, however, are still not known very well to the West, and many Western governments still believe they are moderate Islamists.

The Muslim Brotherhood is known of its duplicity – it has two tongues, one to address the Muslims in Egypt, and the other to address the West in their subterfuge. The article – which was written by ‘Amir Shamakh, one of the front leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood – does not appear in the English pages of the organisation. Those who can read Arabic can access it here. For those who can’t, I have translated the article for them quickly before the Muslim Brotherhood does not delete it. The reader will see the ugly fanatic and threatening, almost terrorist, face of the Muslim Brotherhood, and their intentions to the Copts. They will also see what they think of Israel. Western governments may see how this organisation is no way moderate; and hope they will recognise their error in embracing this group that is the womb of all Islamic extremists and terrorist


What does the Law of Building Churches mean?

By ‘Amir Shamakh

The Law of Building Churches that the parliament of the junta has recently approved marks the beginning of sectarian developments that only Allah knows its extent.

From a while and the Nasara (a word of contempt used for Christians) of Egypt feel self-inflated, and raise themselves – and they are a minority that does not exceed 4 million from 90 million – over the Muslims, and aspire to the day in which Egypt will turn Christian – may Allah disappoint them -, and this is dangerous not only on the Muslims but on themselves in the first instance. I always emphasise that the first who will be burnt by the fire of sectarianism are the Nasara; for their existence in the societal fabric [meaning they are scattered amongst Muslims], since they don’t live in enclaves alone, will quicken their eradication, if they sought to execute the plan of the West to partition the country and cause sedition, and take away the rights of the Muslims.

In the beginnings of the 1970s, the previous pope of the Nasara sent a delegation of his priests to defy the Muslims who had refused the building of a church in an illegal way in their area, and as he was dispatching them –they considered themselves in a “jihadi” mission for the Lord – he asked them: “How many are you?” They answered: “160.” He said: “I want only 10% of you to return, and let the rest be martyrs for this building to be erected.” And from that day on, their churches have been established in this way, and the secular military regimes have been encouraging them to do so, and the victims have been the Muslim public. Or they built [the churches] through deceit, as when a Nusrani [singular for Nasara] buys a land from a Muslim to build a construction on it, and as he commence building, the [Muslim] public are surprised by crosses being raised above the construction, and the building converted to a church that no one may enter it.

If you go to al-Ahram circular road, for example, you will be met by five or six churches in that limited area which have been built after the coup, being directly adjacent to the road as if those who built them intended that them to be so visible to make it seem to the passers-by that the area is inhabited by many Copts. This is a myth that the Copts try to export to those who don’t know their conspiracies, and a deceit that correct religions don’t know. There is a big difference between a church built by self-efforts, and with the co-operation of Muslims, and another built by the money of the World Council of Churches – the latter is not used for prayer, but to be a shouting voice for a minority that seeks to appropriate the rights of the Muslim majority.

No one says building places of worship for them should be banned, but, when establishing of these churches and monasteries – which cover an area of thousands of feddans [a unit for land area, roughly 1 acre] – is to change the identity of society and to partition the country, we say no, and a thousand no; and no Muslim will allow the implantation of a Nasrani state in the lands of the Protected [Egypt] on the line of the Jewish State which was implanted in Palestine, and became the propagator of wars and conflict between states, and destroyer of what was civilised.

The danger of this law is that it legalises such actions, which are not related to religion. And if they follow the way of Eisa ibn Mariam [Jesus, son of Mary] – as they claim – they would find their present churches and monasteries sufficient for them – a guy estimated that these churches and monasteries are big enough to accommodate 42 million worshippers. After the enactment of this law there will be no difficulty in building a church each dawn of the morning, particularly as the ones assigned the decision to allow these churches to be built are the governors of the governorates; and these – most are from the army – can be won over easily, either because of their ignorance or their hypocrisy or because they are bought through gifts; and this is a regular thing with the Nasara, for they are people of bribery as the Emir of the Believers Umar [Umar I (634 – 644)], may Allah be pleased with him, has said.

The attainment of licences to build these churches, by the governor’s approval, does not mean that they are going to be built easily,[1] for the [Muslim] inhabitants of the area will almost always protest, which means clashes and sectarian conflict. The military government shall take the blame for these since it submitted to the Nasara and in order to please the West. And this will increase the hate and animosity [of the Muslims towards the Copts] and increase the isolation of the Nasara, and mark them as a group that goes against the Muslims, usurping the rights of the Muslims and ruling over them, defying their beliefs.

If there was a sensible and wise one amongst the leaders of Nasara, let him advise his sectarian followers so that they may take care of what benefits the country first, follow the values of democracy and liberty that they rant about, and pay respect to the Muslim majority. Let them not be happy by what they are doing, for underneath the ashes there are volcanoes of fire, particularly after their leaders had supported the coup, and their backing of those who shed blood [of the Muslim Brotherhood], raped, and imprisoned the pure.

Let the Nasara then calm down, and let them reassure the Muslims and send them messages of reassurance. And these messages must not be verbal but by taking practical positions that make Muslims recognise in them wisdom, sincerity and patriotism.




[1] The reader can immediately see the contradiction.

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  1. Emad permalink
    September 6, 2016 2:32 am

    you should have commented on that and talked about late events of killing and Forced displacement of copts including burning more than 80 church in one day in egypt

  2. Emad permalink
    September 6, 2016 2:44 am

    they are implementing in muslim minds bullshit he said in his article that copts are decivers who buy land and turn it to churches and also he execrate copts as they are people of bribery then he starts to Threat waving by that the muslim inhabitants will protest and we all know what would happened to the copts and their churches and even their homes

  3. Emad permalink
    September 6, 2016 3:10 am

    a sheik called “wagdi ghoneim” who is a leader of the islamic community in egypt have posted a video on youtube just about the same content triggering islamic muslims of egypt to stand against that law and instigate the islamic muslims and all the muslims sheiks to stand against that law and those churches which is not yet even built that man is completely dangerous he is one of the Fleeing with the muslim brotherhood leaders to turkey and he’ve a lot of followers in egypt and the government is often close their eyes to acts of violence to the copts and the last one was the 70 years old grandmother in Minya whom a group of muslim mub discriminates her by nudging her in public while burning houses and stealing while they were shouting Nasaraa and infidels and that hostile acts is not a coincidence to be after he posted an earlier video of that name where he pissed his poison of hatred toward christians in the minds of muslims

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