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December 11, 2016

Today, the whole world watched with horror the images of the Coptic Christian women and children who were massacred by the coward Islamists in the Butrusiyya Church, in Abasiyya, Cairo. Everyone, with a conscience and heart was appalled by the massacre of peaceful worshipers, women and children, in a church. And all expressed their anger; some with denunciation of the heinous act, and others adding to that condemnation of the religious ideology that encourages such acts. The act was clearly carried out by Muslims who believed that the Coptic Christians were a justifiable target because they stood against the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, under  Muhammad Morsi (30 June 2012 – 3 July 2013). There are many religious texts in both Quran and Sunna to support their action: by expressing their political preference, the Copts become militant enemies of Islam, and must be fought. The was no escape of recognising the massacre’s Islamic nature – and it was necessary that people understand that, so that a serious challenge is mounted against these Islamists, who are anti-humanity and anti-civilisation.

But of all the responses, I have not found a more upsetting one like that, sadly, of Anba Moussa, the Coptic Orthodox Bishop for Youth. Shortly after the massacre, and before the bodies and parts of the 27 Coptic martyrs and the dozens who were injured were removed from the church, he published the following statement:


I translate Anba Moussa’s statement below:

“We are sorry that a horrible explosion has occurred inside the Butrusiyya Church, in the perimeter of the Cathedral [The Cathedral of St. Mark], and that martyrs and injured have fallen (25 martyr until now, and above 50 injured, some of whose injuries are serious) … What is the guilt of the innocents who came to worship, that such black terrorism hits them?! But, it is known that terrorism has no religion or country; it hits everywhere; hits every human; and it does not differentiate between a man or a woman or a child!! These criminals.”

Had Anba Moussa ended his statement with “… that such black terrorism hits them?!”, without even mentioning religion or Islam, it would have been acceptable. No one would have demanded more from him, considering his sensitive position. But he hastens to add: “But, it is known that terrorism has no religion or country; it hits everywhere; hits every human; and it does not differentiate between a man or a woman or a child!!” This is catering to the Muslims, even when the blood of the Coptic martyrs and injured has not yet cooled, and is unacceptable. There is a prompt attempt there to extricate Islam of all the persecution we have been exposed to since Islam ruled Egypt in 740 AD.

Anba Moussa goes on to tweet, emphasising his previous statement:


It says:

“The black terrorism continues its attacks: terrorism has no religion or country. And the criminals hit the innocent during mass. Our condolences to all; and our prayers is that God lifts up this grief.”

Within a few hours, he talks to Watani, the Coptic newspaper, which tweets part of his interview, particularly his message to those who committed the crime: “You are not Muslim; and you are not Egyptian; for Islam says: ‘Whoever hurt a Dhimmi has hurt me, and I am his adversary.’”


Anba Mousa here is quoting an unauthenticated saying by Muhammad.[1] He thinks he could deceive Muslims into thinking it is authentic. Also, he ignores all the authenticated sayings of Muhammad and the verses of Quran which have always supplied a religious justification to Muslim fanatics to attack Copts and non-Muslims in general.

This is not the first time Anba Moussa gives statements that are damaging to the Coptic cause, to the anti-Islamist fight across the world, and to the tender souls of the youth he is looking after. Does he tell Coptic youth that Islam is tolerant, loving and good? Why not then accept Islam if it is so lovely? If you believe I am exaggerating, please visit the article I wrote on 8 January 2013 here, under the title: When even Diocletian could be tolerant – the trouble with some of our bishops: in praise of Islamism, to see more from Anba Moussa. Egypt was then still under the grip of the Muslim Brotherhood, Muhammad Morsi was still president, and the attacks against the Copts, their churches and properties were mounting. Following incident of the Village of Sole on 5 March 5 2011, in which the church was set on fire by a group of Muslim men angry that a Muslim woman had been romantically involved with a Christian man, and the Copts of the village intimidated and bullied, a video surfaced in the social media in which His Grace, Anba Moussa is featured talking about the “love” and “justice” of Islam, which Islam marched on with, and which “we have witnessed”. He then goes on to praise the “absolute love and wisdom” of Umar ibn al-Khattab (634 – 644 AD), the Second Caliph of Islam who occupied Egypt and is considered to be one of the most anti-Christian of all caliphs; Amr ibn al-Assi (641 – 645; 658 – 664 AD), the Arab general who invaded and subdued Egypt, and became its first Arab ruler; and Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi (Saladin; 1171 – 1193 AD), who persecuted the Copts and destroyed their monasteries and churches. Additionally, he talks about “us standing together” against the French, English and Crusaders, which is not only inaccurate historically but also economical with honesty when one focuses on “Christian invaders” and ignores all “Muslim invaders” of Egypt.

The reader can watch the video and judge for himself. For this, the reader must click on the link I have provided above.

This is not a simple matter, and I always hesitate when I write about our esteemed and blessed bishops; however, such statements from Anba Moussa, in my opinion, are extremely damaging, in the first place to the Coptic youth, who need somebody who could tell them about the truth, or at least keep silent. Perhaps he should be removed from his post, and be asked to go to one of the monasteries in the desert for the rest of his life.




[1] Read (in Arabic) about this hadith which has been unauthenticated by the scholars of Islam here.

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