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April 2, 2017

Revival Coptic to some means the ability to pray in Coptic, sing hymns in Coptic, and read Coptic religious scripture in Coptic. To them, the purpose of revival of Coptic lies with the religious. While a Coptic revival must must include this, it means more than that. Coptic revival must mean, in addition, the production of new and modern Coptic literature, particularly its ability to be used in expressing daily life, such as its use in news and journalism, and the production of literature particularly novels and poetry. This is the ultimate test for Coptic revival.

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  1. George I Abraham permalink
    April 2, 2017 10:39 pm

    My understanding of Coptic revival is along the lines of national revival, nationalist fervour, resurgence of Coptic nationalism. At its very foundations the Coptic nationalist movement has to have the serious and unquestionable belief in its natural right of nationhood. Their natural right to their land which is currently overrun by Islam and Moslem Arabs. To politicise it with its genuine natural claims and their struggle against the usurpation of their natural and historic identity by the occupying aliens. With the absence of such the coptic nation (the true, natural and historical Egyptians) are no more than a minority aspiring cultural rights as a minor and never a significant component within and of the population of what is now Egypt.

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