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September 2, 2017

For Coptic (and here I am talking about the Bohairic dialect) to be revived, we must have a solid, vast and rich Coptic literature. It is, therefore, incumbent upon all who want to revive Coptic to work to create a respectable collection of Coptic literature, and make it available for the public. There are four tasks here:

  1. Re-publication of all Coptic literature in Bohairic previously published, using easy reading Coptic fonts and modern methods of printing. Those manuscripts in Bohairic that have not yet been published must be made available publicly, whether they are kept in Egypt or in the various universities and libraries across the world.
  2. All Sahidic documents/manuscripts must be rendered into Bohairic, and get published.
  3. Fine works of literature of the world should be translated into Bohairic.
  4. Creation of new and modern Coptic literature.
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