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December 8, 2017

I have spoken about the tunic in several articles, which the reader can access, here and here and here. Tunics were worn in Egypt in the first millennium of the Christian era. Tunics were not worn in Ancient Egypt but the Copts took it from the Greeks and Romans; however, they were made Egyptian by the fact that it was in Egypt that the best of tunics were produced. The Copts produced them in large numbers, and the inhabitants of the Roman Empire and Byzantium wore the Coptic product, which was unsurpassed in beauty and decoration. Our ancestors of that age, including saints and martyrs, all wore tunics. The tunic, though originally foreign, became a national dress that was embraced freely.

The word ‘tunic’ in English language derived from the Latin ‘tunica’, possibly through the medium of Old French which calls it ‘tunique’. But in Egypt the word used for tunic was taken from the Greek ‘χιτών’, which is pronounced ‘chiton’ or ‘chitwn’.

The Copts used χιτών, pronounced ‘chitwn’, to mean tunic.

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