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December 17, 2017


Today, the 17th of December, I celebrated the Coptic Language National Day with this simple ritual:

I placed bitter on the tip of my tongue, tasted it and then, turning my head to my left shoulder, made a gesture of spitting it out. I, then, took a mouthful of pure bee honey, swallowed it; and while turning my head to my right shoulder, I uttered the following words: I shall never abandon you, my sweet Coptic language.

The bitter could be any of the known bitter herbs, ranging from chamomile to horseradish. The bitter represents the Arabic language which was forced on us, and now we reject it with a spit; the pure bee honey represents our sweet Coptic language that we are resolved to revive.

Had I been with a similar-minded group today, I would have given a toast in honour of the Coptic language.

This is my simple Coptic Language National Day ritual. Rituals go a long way to enforce beliefs and dramatize events. A ritual like this helps in strengthening our resolve to revive Coptic. I am, therefore, not embarrassed of sharing it with you, and hope all of you will repeat this ritual with me next year.

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  1. GEORGE A FARAGALLA permalink
    December 22, 2017 5:22 am

    I agree with your celebration. THE LORD GOD BLESS YOU.

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