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January 1, 2018


The heart-breaking mourning of the families of the Coptic victims who were massacred by the Islamists in Helwan on 29 December 2017

The massacres of Copts by the Islamists in Egypt, and the persecution, intensify. The Coptic situation has never been worse than what it is now under the government of President Sisi. Since the era of the Mamlukes of the pre-French Campaign we haven’t seen anything like this. Even at the days of the Muslim Brotherhood under Morsi we witnessed nothing like it. President Sisi and his government stand accused of impotence in protecting the Copts – nay, it stands accused of encouraging, and colluding with, the attacks on them, their worship-places, residences and work-places through an alliance with the extremist views of al-Azhar and the Salafists.

Naturally, under such conditions, the Copts will ask how they can protect themselves and force the Egyptian government to undertake its duty in bringing the anti-Coptic situation in Egypt under control. One of the legitimate ways to do so is to mount international pressure on the government to realise its duties. Egypt is a member of the international community and a member of the United Nations; and under international law it has duty to stop the anti-Coptic propaganda and protect the Coptic citizens. We, therefore, do not see any wrong in bringing world pressure on it to do its job.

But, one of the reasons this is not happening is the weakness of the Coptic movement in the Diaspora. The Copts now have communities all over the world, spreading from Japan to the US. There are many Coptic activists – leaders – who work to help their brethren in Egypt; however, they represent a divided leadership, and are infective working individually. Further, there is no one organisation to represent them, and their communities.

It is about time to create a world organistion to coordinate the efforts of all Coptic leaders and to make them focus on shared objectives. We suggest the formation of a World Coptic Congress – an international federation of Coptic communities and organisations run in a democratic way that acts as the diplomatic arm of the Copts outside Egypt.

It is a high duty.


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  1. Emad permalink
    January 15, 2018 4:32 am

    that will not aid to change the situation in Egypt because you are not dealing with only the government, but also the Islamist and AL-azhar and even the ordinary Muslims who have been grew up on the idea that Christians are infidels they had learned that through both the government schools and Lessons of religious education in mosques and Islamic schools affiliated to the Brotherhood and universities affiliated to the alazhar, controlled by the Salafist Brotherhood

    • Dioscorus Boles permalink*
      January 15, 2018 6:53 am

      I don’t understand your logic

  2. heba permalink
    May 13, 2018 8:19 pm

    many Copts including some I know personally, are very influential in their area of expertise, whether medicine, or stocks or business and I have seen them invest in Egypt a lot.
    In my opinion change will not come until Copts start realizing that being outside Egypt does not make them Egyptian. If you are in Egypt and you’re identified as being “a Copt” or Coptic then when you leave Egypt you are still Coptic not all of a sudden Egyptian (and I am not referring to the old definitions of Coptic meaning Egyptian, I am referring to modern day usage).
    Their main concern SHOULD be how can I use my talents to maneuver society over there to change its ways. And it can change, and it will change, if they see all of a sudden the talented Coptic surgeons no longer showing up from America etc.
    Unfortunately this is the only way to proceed making life for our Christian brethren in Egypt better, instead of having a false sense of nationalism and helping people who do not need it there and pretending everything is honky dory.

    • Dioscorus Boles permalink*
      May 13, 2018 11:51 pm

      Thanks for your comment, but I think many parts of it is not clear if don’t make a sense. Please, clarify your points.

  3. heba permalink
    May 14, 2018 9:52 pm

    Many Copts outside Egypt invest in and help Egypt unconditionally, they either need to put conditions to their help or not help at all and direct it specifically to Coptic communities there.

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