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March 5, 2019

Copts at the present speak Arabic, but it hasn’t been the case in the past, or, certainly in Upper Egypt, until late in the Middle-Ages. Prior to that, the Copts thought in, spoke, wrote and read Coptic. Coptic is their national language which they inherited from their ancestors, the ancient Egyptians, and the language that their Christian saints, sages and martyrs spoke. Its importance to them is both secular and sacred. A Copt, if he is true to his call and nation, rejects Arabic, and will always work, no matter how little is achieved, to revive his national language.

Why does a true Copt reject Arabic?

First, it is the language of an alien race and the people who occupied his country and forced their language on its natives, thereby leading to the death of Coptic – his national language.

Second, it is the language of an alien culture – as all languages, Arabic embodies in it a culture that is alien to the Copt, his belief systems and how he sees the world.

Third, it is a language that reflects an alien civilisation that is ridden with serious socio-political problems, and puts it at disadvantage in its attempt to express modern needs in full. Arabic has lagged behind, and its sharpness as a language has suffered. Unlike English or French, for instance, it cannot express the modern world in all its developments. Coptic of course, if revived today, will be even more disabled than Arabic in this matter; however, unrestrained by a culture and a civilisation that are, to a great degree, inimical to modernity, it will undoubtedly have a better chance of meeting the lingual requirements of our scientific and advanced age.

Arabic itself, as a tool of expression, is not to be hated – what we dislike is the culture it expresses and the civilisation that ties it down to the ground; and what we reject is simply the vehicle of that culture, which however we tried to use strictly as a simple tool of expression, not as a vehicle of culture and a reflection of a civilisation, we cannot but succumb to its cultural influence. Arabic is the Trojan horse of Arabic and Islamic acculturation and Islamisation. It is for this that we reject Arabic and work to revive our national language.

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  1. Hakaptah permalink
    March 6, 2019 2:48 am

    Sir, you are a true patriot of the Coptic Nation. I have had similar thoughts about this topic and share your sadness over the replacement of the mother tongue of our forefathers by Arabic, a language of an alien culture that has worked to subvert our Coptic identity. However, you have articulated the reasons for this point of view very eloquently and in beautifully organized manner. May the Copts of Egypt and the diaspora one day reunite and forge an independent glorious nation free of the backwards and barbaric influences of the Arab invaders!

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