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May 26, 2019

The above two cinematic clips (the first some 30 minutes and the second some 26 minutes long) are rare ones and show the coronation of the Ethiopian Emperor, Haile Silassie I (1830 – 1974), coronation in 1930. The crowning was undertaken by the Coptic Metropolitan of Ethiopia, Abuna Qerellos IV (Kyrillos IV), who was metropolitan (1926 – 1936) in one of Ethiopia’s important historical periods. Pope Yo’annes XIX (1928 – 1942) sent Bishop Yousab of Jirja (the later Pope Yousab [1946 – 1956]) to represent him, but the crowning was done by the metropolitan as tradition dictated.

The first clipshows the coronation ceremony from 6 minutes. At 9.35 minute, Bishop Yousab is shown, and at 14.33 the Metropolitan Qererllos appears. Both are seen again at 23.40. In the second clip, we see the two bishops starting at 8.10 and the crowning itself at 10.33 when Metropolitan Qerellos puts the imperial crown on the head of the new Emperor.

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  1. Michael Saad permalink
    May 26, 2019 3:23 pm

    Wow! What a historical record! Thank you for finding and posting it.

    S. Michael Saad Sent from my iPhone 310.766.8393

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