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December 15, 2016

I have written about this before, the Copts are a nation defined by defiance – a nation that is obstinate, strong and courageous. No nation perhaps has endured oppression, persecution and discrimination like the Copts in their history; and the Copts continue to face the most horrible attacks and maltreatment from the Muslims of Egypt, both the public and the government.

One would expect a people who are under such circumstances to renounce their religion or at least hide it. Not the Copts! The Copts tattoo their right wrist with a visible cross – and they are careful to stamp their children with the cross from early age. The message which the Copt with that cross on his or her wrist is that we are Christian – we don’t deny Christ or the Cross. We are not afraid. And we shall defy you.

This is how Christianity lives in Egypt – through a strong Faith, courage and defiance.


The photo is courtesy of Coptic Orphans.

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